Taxy was a Lego Star Wars Brickfilm created by the famous Lego animator, eanimation. The story revolves around Lobot's Twin Pod Cloud Car getting hijacked by a Hippy.

Lobot in his ship

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August 9, 2007


The film starts with Lobot coming down in his spaceship to get some things at Star Mart. A "Hippy" comes out of the other pod of the Cloud car, and accidentally breaks the door. He/she then puts a small item into the engine of the

ship, then runs away as Lobot comes to his ship. Lobot fixes up the broken door and hops in his ship, which maulfunctions and falls back to the ground. The Hippy then steals the ship and rides off in it, but Lobot hops onto the windshield, obscuring the Hippy's view, making the Cloud Car crash. The Hippy opens the door and flips Lobot onto the ground. The broken door, which came off when the Hippy stole the Cloud Car, falls and crushes the Hippy inside of the Cloud Car.

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Trivia/Goofs Edit

  • Some propellers are moving at the beginning of the film, but they don't move for the rest of the film.
  • Star Mart is a parody of Wal-Mart.
  • R2-D2 can be seen inside Star Mart when Lobot enters.
  • Lobot buys a blaster and a shovel at Star Mart, which may be implying that he was going to shoot somebody and bury them.

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  • Watch the film here.