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Lobot is a cyborg character from the Star Wars franchise that lives in Cloud City and aids in controlling the city with machine implants in the back of his head.

Lobot with his blaster

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Role in Taxy Edit

Lobot first appears when he lands his Twin-Pod Cloud Car in front of Star Mart to buy some supplies until his Cloud Car is hijacked by a "Hippie" that puts a strange chip (a 1x1 flat plate) into the vehicle's engine. The Cloud Car crashes after Lobot attempts to take it off the ground. After it crashes into the ground, the Hippie jumps into it and steals it. Lobot jumps onto the windshield of the Cloud Car in an attempt to stop the Hippie. In the process, a door that fell off early detaches and the Cloud Car crashes back onto the ground and Lobot is flung off the Cloud Car. The door that detached earlier then crushes the Hippie inside of the Cloud Car. Lobot gets up with a black hood on his head, for some reason.


Appearance Edit

Lobot has the same appearance of the normal Lobot minifigure, which is: light gray pants and shirt and a yellow head with the computer chips implanted in the back. He seems to also have a very teenage-like voice.


Trivia Edit

  • The objects that Lobot buys from Star Mart are a blaster and a shovel, which may imply that he was going to shoot someone and bury them.