Lego Star Wars Jedi Destiny
Luke fights Vader


Tom Baker


Tom Baker


Tom Baker

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Release Date

June 27, 2007

Jedi Destiny, also known as Lego Star Wars Jedi Destiny is a 2007 LEGO Star Wars sci-fi/parody/recreation video, retelling the final events in Star Wars Episode VI: Return of the Jedi. It was made by Tom Baker, and can be seen on YouTube.

Plot Edit

Darth Vader walks through a sliding door, and meets Luke Skywalker. Both draw their lightsabers, and Vader jumps at Luke, and the two begin fighting. Vader seems to be gaining the upper-hand, and Luke jumps away, retreating through one of the other doors. Vader follows close behind, but Luke sneaks away, around a corner. He finds a chest, and climbs inside, shutting the hatch just as Vader runs by, in hot pursuit. He turns, and walks behind the chest. Luke opens the top and hops out, and Vader begins chasing him again. The two continue their fight, and Luke knocks Vader's saber out of his hand. with no weapon to defend himself, Vader flees, with Luke on his tail.

Luke force-jumps, and lands in front of Vader, who has by this time retrieved his lightsaber. The two continue to due it out, and s they fight, Vader sees Padme in a vision. He stops fighting, and tells Luke that it is pointless to resist. Luke thwarts Vader's efforts to turn him to the dark side, saying that he knows that there is good in the dark-lord. Their fight continues, and Vader knocks Luke over the balcony that they're fighting on. Luke grabs a pole jutting out from the wall and catches himself, but loses his lightsaber. Vader tries to persuade Luke to join him again, but Luke, hearing Ben Kenobi's voice, sees a nearby blaster. He jumps into the air, force-pulling the blaster to himself. He flies through the air and fires the blaster, fatally wounding Vader. Landing back on the balcony, Luke removes Vader's helmet to find his father's face. Vader dies, and becomes a ghost, taking the form of his younger self. As he disappears, Luke waves goodbye.

Characters Edit

  • Luke Skywalker
  • Darth Vader

Notes Edit

  • The video was very well-received by audiences, gaining over 1,000,000 views on YouTube.

Trivia/Errors Edit

  • Luke's lightsaber is blue, despite the fact that his lightsaber should be green at the time that this video takes place in.
  • Luke's lightsaber does not have a handle in some scenes.