Lego Captain America is a 2012 action/super-hero brick film. It is the first video in a trilogy of LEGO stop-motion animated

Lego Captain America
Lego Captain America

Written by

Forrest Whaley

Animated by

Forrest Whaley

Edited by

Forrest Whaley

Run Time


action/super hero films made by Forrest Whaley.

Plot Edit

Captain America is seen running down a hallway and through a door, where he is confronted by a large mob of nazis. He quickly and brutally dispatches all his opponents with ease, using a variety of weapons from guns, to knives, to his fists, to his trusty shield. But for every group of nazis he kills, more enter the room. After brutally dismembering several more nazis, a nazi helicopter fires at Captain America from outside the building.

Our hero jumps out the window, and throws some grenades at the copter. As he falls, the helicopter explodes in the air behind him.

YouTube reaction Edit

  • The video became quite popular among the brick filming community, and currently has 6,000,000+ views on YouTube.
  • This video has been widely criticized as being one of the goriest, bloodiest, and most violent LEGO videos on YouTube.