Herobrine is a popular fan-made Minecraft character and is portrayed as an evil version of the default player skin with the only difference

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Adventures of Lego Minecraft


Adventures of Lego Minecraft

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Adventures of Lego Minecraft

being that he has no pupils in his eyes. In Adventures of Lego MineCraft, he serves as the main antagonist.

Creation and InfluenceEdit

Herobrine was first created as a hoax when a player claimed to see him on a single-player server on Minecraft and said that it resembled the default player skin (better known as Steve), except without pupils in its eyes, leaving the eyes entirely white. After the first report of Herobrine being sighted in Minecraft, many more

Herobrine in-game

followed. Herobrine eventually was featured in various Creepypastas, Fan Films, and even in official Minecraft media, being featured as a cameo.

He is popularly featured in Fan Films, such as "Take Back the Night", Toby Turner's "Mine the Diamond", Element Animation's "An Egg's Guide to Minecraft", and various others, most of which he is featured as an antagonist in.

Role in the Adventures of LEGO MinecraftEdit

Herobrine first appears standing before Steve when Steve activates a portal which teleports him to a different dimension inhabited by minifigures. Herobrine later arrives in the Minifigure World and summons the Ender Dragon to kill Steve, and his newfound companions. Herobrine's origins are hinted later in a flashback involving a mysterious individual leading a force of monsters against a castle. Herobrine later has the Crafter, the Knight, and the Viking kidnapped whereas Steve escapes and forges TNT and an Iron Golem to save his friends from Herobrine. When Steve frees them and gives the Viking TNT to destroy The Chunk, he ends up on The Chunk where Herobrine confronts him but he is saved when the Crafter tackles Herobrine so Steve can save himself from the coming explosion. Steve escapes and The Chunk is destroyed by the TNT placed by the Viking, killing both Herobrine and the Crafter.


Herobrine is portrayed in Micro-Mob form like the other mobs in AoLM. Unlike Steve, he does not have visible arms, due to the piece being used to attach the arms to the body not being in a blue color. He retains the white eyes of the normal Herobrine, which is achieved via a custom piece or digital editing.

Connection to The Evil KingEdit

It is implied throughout the story that Herobrine was once a minifigure living in the Minifigure World. He has a few connections to The Evil King character to prove this:

  • They both have the ability to bring skeletons to life, as The Evil King has skeletons in his army and Herobrine brings one to life in the fourth part of the story.
  • The Evil King uses a staff topped with a Portal Block to escape from the fight in the flashback and Herobrine utilizes the Portal Block in his plans.