Creepers are iconic enemies from the popular sandbox video game, Minecraft. When they approach the player,
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A Creeper in AoLM

they will pursue them until they get close enough and explode. In the official Minecraft sets, Creepers are built using a green 1x2-one stud plate with two 1x1x3 bricks stack on the one stud with the top one printed with a Creeper face.

Appearances Edit

Adventures of Lego MineCraftEdit

Creepers appear in large forces in this film, serving under the order of Herobrine to take over the Minifigure World. It should be noted that there is a Black/Dark Creeper in this film which only appears briefly chasing Steve and the Crafter until it blows up along with the rest of the Creepers. After Steve and his Iron Golem attack Herobrine's fortress, all the Creepers are destroyed by the team.


Adventures of Lego MineCraftEdit