Clubbins is the antagonist in Indiana Scones - The Quest for the Platinum Waffle, its sequel, and Box - The Epic Motion Picture alongside Milkman. The minifigure used for Clubbins is an unaltered desert nazi soldier mini figure from the Lego Indiana Jones sets.


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Indiana Scones - The Quest for the Platinum WaffleEdit

Clubbins rides up beside the temple alongside his two minions and they all venture into the temple together. Once Indy is exiting the temple with the

Clubbin's first appearance

Platinum Waffle, he is knocked over by Clubbins with a chicken leg and he takes the waffle and proclaims that Indy has been double-crossed. But he is stopped from taking the waffle when he and his minions are beat up by Indy's sidekick.

Box - The Epic Motion PictureEdit


Clubbins in BOX

Clubbins appears as the antagonist alongside the Milkman, but does not have a major role in the movie.

Appearances Edit