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Blade is the main antagonist of Minecraft: Creepers. He is a dark and battle-hardened member of the village where Steve lives and has a fierce hatred of Creepers. He has a hook for a hand.


Before the events of Creepers, Blade lost his hand due to unknown causes and replaced it with a hook. Blade's hatred of Creepers grew as many of the villages he lived in were destroyed by them. It is also implied that he has faced Charged Creepers before explaining the Creeper and Skeleton heads displayed in his home.

Role in CreepersEdit

Blade is first seen in Creepers watching Steve, Farmer, and Niko work in Farmer's field. Afterwards, he leaves to get armor and a sword to kill Niko. Steve follows him to his home to try and reason with him but Blade is not swayed and smashes a bottle on Steve's leg, which injures him and leaves him helpless as Blade goes to kill Niko. Blade arrives at Farmer's field as Niko and Farmer are talking to each other. Farmer attempts to protect Niko, but is slashed by Blade with his sword. Believing Farmer to be dead, Niko attempts to destroy Blade by blowing up, but Farmer turns out to still be alive but Niko discovers this too late as he explodes, accidentally killing Farmer. Niko, realizing what he has just done, flees the village in fear. Steve arrives at the field and Blade tells him to get the villagers. Blade makes a speech in the town hall, getting the villagers to start hunting down Creepers. Blade later appears on the City Wall as Niko and the other Creepers march towards it. The Creepers breach the walls and the war begins. In a final climax, Blade and Niko meet in the town square. He and Blade rush each other, but Niko explodes on Blade just before he is cut down by Blade's sword. The explosion kills Blade, and the war ends.